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Botanical Art with local artist, Cathy Franzi

At Pollen we are fortunate to be surrounded by an abundance of nature. We often hear our patrons discussing the inspiration they have derived from a walk around the gardens - it is a delight to hear!

We recently caught up with Cathy Franzi, a local artist who creates art inspired by her in-depth studies of nature.

Cathy is a ceramic artist who recently graduated with a PhD from the Ceramics Workshop at the ANU's School of Art & Design. Prior to her study of ceramics she completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney, which informs the scientific approach she takes to her artistic endeavours.

“The subject of my work stems from doing what I love, that is to be in nature, and plants are my particular fascination.”

Cathy spends her time collecting seeds for seedbanks and gathering data through fieldwork. In some, almost magical, artistic transformation, her findings eventuate as beautiful ceramic pieces. Cathy's ceramics are as varied as the seeds she studies. Her time in nature is depicted in the vessels she creates;

Cathy Franzi, Volcanic Plains: Flax Lily with Orchid, 2017.

Porcelain, 61h x 16.8w x 15d cm. Image: Andrew Sikorski-Art


tall, slim vases with fine flora tracing up the side, while some of her porcelain series represent ecosystems, through individual vessels signifying a particular plant species.

Cathy’s ceramics are as beautiful to look at as nature itself. The simplicity of their form and colour makes them a perfect showpiece for any entrance hall table or as a dining room centre piece.

She is represented in Canberra by the Beaver Galleries, in Deakin.

Cathy Franzi, Flannel Flower, 2017. Porcelain, 65.2h x 16.8w x 16d cm. Image: Andrew Sikorski-Art Atelier.

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