Weddings​ at the Australian National Botanic Gardens

Brimming with native flora and fauna, the Australian National Botanic Gardens offer a tranquil hideaway where guests can enjoy the beauty of nature. In partnership with the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Pollen offers couples a variety of elegant options to celebrate their big day.


The atmosphere is relaxed as guests wander amidst the verdant green surrounds with drinks in hand. Make it a cocktail party and have the setting sun as your ultimate backdrop while guests enjoy luxe canapés and drinks from the local region. Or take a seat for a private, three course meal. Whichever you prefer, Pollen invites you and your guests to enjoy high-end dining and a flawlessly styled event in one of the nation's most beautiful gardens.

Pollen is located at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra, Australia

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