Pop to it! Pollen Popsicles

Popsicles are the ideal snack for long summer afternoons. The great thing about them is that they’re so healthy and nutritious! Easy and quick to make from any combination of fruit, yoghurt and granola - you can get as creative as you like. These Pollen Pops are made from some of our favourite juice and smoothie recipes. If you don’t want to go to the effort of juicing the fruit or blending the smoothie, simply turn a Pollen takeaway into a pop! One takeaway makes between 4 to 6 popsicles, depending on the size of your moulds. You can easily source popsicle moulds from places such as IKEA and Target. They also come in creative and imaginative shapes from brands like Zoku. So off you go - pop

Botanical desk essentials you didn’t know you needed

Lunch box Need an incentive to take packed lunches to work? Look no further! A cute cactus inspired insulated lunch bag is all the encouragement you need. Kollab is an Australian business of two mums who like ‘making the practical fashionable’, and as their name suggests, is often through the collaboration of Australian creatives and designers. Available online at Kollab Moss grower Do you lust wistfully at the nearest office window, yearning for the nature outside? Bring nature to your desk with the 'Sanctuary' by Botanica. It is a microclimate, designed in a tear-drop shape to emulate nature’s water cycle, perfect for growing your own little moss patch, and bringing nature to you. Availabl

Easy Lunch with this Back to Work Salad Jar

Take Pollen with you to work with the Nicoise Salad Jar recipe. We know what you’re thinking… aren’t salad jars just a fad? We’re here to tell you they’re not! The layering of salad elements keeps the ingredients separated and fresh and conveniently only uses one container while also look super cool. Follow our tips to keep your salad fresh and in nice clean layers. We LOVE our acrylic jar, available from stores like Big W. Being acrylic it’s not heavy to carry, making it very easy to just throw in your bag. Salmon Nicoise Salad Recipe by BOOKPLATE chef, Natalie Schultz. Makes 2 jars Ingredients Lettuce (2 handfuls) ½ red onion, sliced ¼ cup Kalamata olives, pitted ½ punnet cherry tomatoes H

What to plant now before it’s too late

Did you have holiday aspirations to start growing your own fruit or vegetables? To crunch on your own sugar snap peas or pick your own ruby red tomatoes from the vine? Summer may be well upon us but you’ll be pleased to know not all hope is lost for starting your own home garden. We caught up with some of the horticulturalists at Rodney’s Plants Plus in Pialligo to find out what to plant now before its too late. Fruit What to plant Strawberries! They crop throughout summer, right up until the frost starts creeping in. Don’t waste your time on… Planting tomatoes or blueberries. They might be fruiting now, but its unlikely you’ll get many more crops out of them before the frost comes! Vegetabl

Social Sprouting: Interview with Juanita Flett

Imagine a living room without textiles… no comforting cushions or subtle details to transform four walls into a room. Juanita Flett is a textile designer and the star behind those essential finishing touches of Pollen’s furnishings! We caught up with Juanita to find out where she gets her inspiration, being a textile designer in Canberra and what she loves about her work. Is sewing your full-time occupation? Sewing and creating textiles is what I do for a living, making anything from a bed head, to a lamp, to a wedding dress! What have you made for Pollen? I have made the entire décor suite for Pollen - the cushions, aprons, serviettes, lamp shades, even the covers on the drink stations. How

New Year's Resolutions Activities Jar

Do New Year's Resolutions make you feel stressed and overwhelmed? The distractions of everyday life can make it hard to remember your goals for 365 days straight! Here at Pollen we believe life is about having fun, so why not put a fun twist on your resolutions with a 2018 Resolutions Activities Jar? You’ll need: 1 jar Slips of paper (make this as pretty, colourful and fun as you like!) Pen How: Start by reflecting on things you would like to achieve in 2018. Here are some ideas… be more active be more connected to family save money more 'me time' List down some activities under each of these ideas that will help you to achieve them. For example… be more active go for a regular evening strol

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