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New Year's Resolutions Activities Jar

Do New Year's Resolutions make you feel stressed and overwhelmed? The distractions of everyday life can make it hard to remember your goals for 365 days straight!

Here at Pollen we believe life is about having fun, so why not put a fun twist on your resolutions with a 2018 Resolutions Activities Jar?

You’ll need:

1 jar

Slips of paper (make this as pretty, colourful and fun as you like!)



Start by reflecting on things you would like to achieve in 2018.

Here are some ideas…

  • be more active

  • be more connected to family

  • save money

  • more 'me time'

List down some activities under each of these ideas that will help you to achieve them. For example…

  • be more active

  • go for a regular evening stroll

  • play Wii dance

  • go for a bike ride

  • walk to the local shops

  • play soccer with the kids

  • be more connected to family

  • call mum/dad

  • take the kids out for ice cream

  • go for a picnic dinner

  • save money

  • prepare lunches for the week

  • plant my own herb garden

  • more 'me time'

  • read my favourite magazine

  • take myself on a coffee date

  • treat myself to a muffin

On separate strips of paper, write down each of these activities and put them into the jar. Go on – fill the jar! It doesn’t matter if you repeat activities.

Now you’ve made your New Year's Resolution Jar you’re ready to smash your goals. Every week you get the fun task of picking an activity from the jar. It’s a simple and fun way to remind yourself of your New Year's Resolutions without the pressure.

Tip: Put a note at the bottom of the jar to remind yourself to reflect on the year and see if you accomplished your goals.

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