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Pollen’s Picks - Sharing Platters

Kim Aitkin's ceramics

Entertaining is all about sharing - sharing time, sharing conversations and sharing food. What makes this all the more enjoyable - when its fuss free!

Solution - sharing platters! Plate up a vast array of nibbles and let guests serve themselves, leaving you to sit back, relax and enjoy the frivolities.

Here are Pollen’s picks for locally crafted sharing platters. Just imagine a colourful Ottolenghi-style salad, or a selection of mouth-watering slow cooked lamb on one of these platters and you’ll definitely be the host with the most.

Kim Aitkin

(Pictured above)

The first on our list is the striking crockery of Kim Aitkin – we love her work so much that it makes up the Pollen crockery collection!

Find her at the Handmade Markets, or follow her on Instagram

Emma Fleetwood

Image via Instagram

Emma Fleetwood of Plants, Light and Space Studio produces gorgeous homewares that are all about the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi– that is the perfection in the imperfection. In clay form, this means the pieces look lovingly handmade rather than a factory-made object.

Find her platters and many more pieces at The Canberra Potters Art Centre in Watson and the Designer Op Shop Emporium in Fyshwick, and browse through her works on her Instagram.


Image via Instagram

Bison is a recognised name in the Canberra homewares sphere, housed in a studio at Pialligo and a new shopfront on Lonsdale Street in Braddon! Their minimalist but iconic design goes with any spread.

Visit their website to view their collection.

Thor’s Hammer

Image via Instagram

Often all an event needs is an antipasti platter, and we think the beautiful wooden boards from Thor’s Hammer is the perfect way to serve one. Made of recycled Australian hardwood, the timber tones of these boards are rich and warm, and in our opinion, should not just be used for bread.

Check out their website for details.

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