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Winter Wellness - The Pollen + Jindii Spa Guide

Winter is a time to refuel and restore, and what better way to do that than a visit to Jindii Eco Spa paired with a wholesome meal at Pollen?

Jindii Eco Spa is a wellness sanctuary nestled amongst the ferns of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, right next door to Pollen! Together we’ve created a guide to restoring your energy and caring for yourself during the cold Canberra months.

Begin your morning with a Jindii Winter Warmer Escape Package. Indulge yourself with a full body massage paired with their signature hot stone treatment while sipping on herbal tea in the lounge. It’s hard not to feel instant relaxation surrounded by the replenishing scent of aromatic oils in the lush natural surrounds.

Next a Jindii Handprint Treatment is in order to relieve your hands of the dry skin that occurs during the Winter months. Comprising of a lavender pumice exfoliation, a relaxing massage and a varnish to finish, your hands will look fresh and revitalised.

After your time at Jindii, stroll along the path, through the ferns and over to Pollen for brunch. The Chilli Scramble is a wholesome dish packed with nourishing vitamins and minerals. The protein rich eggs are packed full of Vitamin D and B12 which are fundamental for healthy bones and a positive mood. The Chilli Scramble is also rich in coconut, which is great for your immune system, while the mustard seeds are an effective anti-inflammatory - all great when you’re suffering from a cold or the dreaded flu.

Complete your morning of wellness with a hot chocolate to warm you from the inside before heading back out into the cold… and also because you deserve a treat!

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