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Wedding Garden Party

We love a garden wedding – especially on a warm evening under the trees, swanning about with a delicious aperitif and a chic summer dress. The perfect invite for a guest!

The key to making a garden wedding feel like a party right from the start: Be intentional with the details.

A crafted cocktail in a gorgeous glass goes a long way toward charming even the most jaded family guest; so does fairy lighting, accompanied with delicious easy-to-eat canapés, bursting bite-size flavours, grazing nibble platters, delectable desserts and wedding cake of course!

Whether it’s a fifty-guest wedding soiree or a 100-guest get-together, these stylish essentials are guaranteed to relax, enchant and put just about anyone in a happy mood.

The Aperitif

Vodka Sunrise - Light and fresh, this summery take on the perfect cocktail combines vodka with freshly squeezed orange juice and an infusion of grenadine. Poured over ice with a sprig of rosemary, it’s the perfect summer sip. Skip the vodka for our mocktail version...just as good!

Florals, florals, florals

Let’s face it, you can’t have a garden party wedding without tablescapes of natives, leaves or single ‘on repeat’ blooms in those quintessential jam jars, baked beans silver tins (label removed of course) or slender white porcelain vases.

The flickering fairy lights

Strung from anything that can handle the attention, white glowing fairy lights always create that magical feel to any enchanted garden setting.

The stand out easy garden wedding dress

In a gorgeous lacy number, bold colour or pastel print – floaty silhouettes with flats or wedges – garden ready for the contemporary bride, who’s ready to have some fun.

Cool moves with cool beats

Parties are best when they can actually be enjoyed. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement party or a birthday. The more laid back we think the better and nothing sets the mood better than the music. Soul, jazz or pop, classical or contemporary – music creates atmosphere –

The playful games

Always fun to join in or observe from the sideline, lawn games that balance skill with a little luck…Cornhole, giant jenga and finska always proves to be the perfect icebreaker.

Our Pollen team has thrown some great parties over the years. Please contact our Events team via the link on our website to find out more.


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