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Botanical desk essentials you didn’t know you needed

Lunch box

Need an incentive to take packed lunches to work? Look no further! A cute cactus inspired insulated lunch bag is all the encouragement you need.

Kollab is an Australian business of two mums who like ‘making the practical fashionable’, and as their name suggests, is often through the collaboration of Australian creatives and designers.

Moss grower

Do you lust wistfully at the nearest office window, yearning for the nature outside? Bring nature to your desk with the 'Sanctuary' by Botanica. It is a microclimate, designed in a tear-drop shape to emulate nature’s water cycle, perfect for growing your own little moss patch, and bringing nature to you.

Ecoya Lip Balm

Being stuck inside an air-conditioned office can mean dry lips for many of us. Soothe the problem with an Ecoya lip balm. The lip balm range is enriched with macadamia oil, leaving your lips feeling nourished and silky.

Available at selected department stores and selected online stores.

Rifle Paper Co Notebook

You'll never forget your notebook for a meeting again! In fact, you’ll be looking for excuses to take your Rifle Paper Co notebook everywhere. Just looking at the whimsical botanical print makes you want to skip through flower fields.

Available from select stationary stores such as Harry Hartog and Rifle Paper Co.

Week Planner

If writing lists is your thing (and even if it isn’t) you’ll find one of Typo's weekly planners handy. Every page helps pep you up for a week of tasks with the slogan ‘boss babe making it happen’. Now there’s a mantra.

Available from Typo

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