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A beautiful place to sit …

"Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and grass grows by itself." - Bashō Matsuo

Wandering through a shady garden, you stumble across a cottage. It welcomes you in, promising a warm cup of tea overlooking the verdant grounds. A place to rest.

If you’ve come to visit the Botanic Gardens recently, you’ve probably noticed that the tired old kiosk is gone and a vibrant splash of style has emerged in its place: Pollen Café.

It has become an oasis, just minutes out of the bustling city. A place where tranquillity abounds and you’ll want to stay for a long lunch.

Owner, Tracy Keeley, talks lovingly about the transformation explaining that her travels have been an inspiration.

“I love visiting unfamiliar cafes and restaurants, seeing how they combine all of your senses into the experience.”

She says that her interest lies in creating an environment that has a positive effect on well-being. In this case, it’s nurturing a feeling of calm.

It feels like the sort of place you’d like to sit and read a book on a rainy day.

Overflowing with textures, Tracy herself has styled the space with a mix of marble, aged timber and metallic accents. Carefully selected combinations of pattern keep the atmosphere light and whimsical.

Crisp whites, deep blues and the sparkle of copper create a clean, fresh look that makes the surrounding hues of green really pop. Fresh flowers complement the background.

In a busy world we are all searching for those places that feel like home. Where one can simply sit quietly. Enjoy the beautiful surrounds. Sip a coffee.

Next time your travels bring you to the Botanic Gardens, Pollen beckons you in to escape for a moment and let the world pass you by.


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