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Mosquito Repelling Plants

The weather is warming up and mosquitos are mustering.

We've put together a list of common plants which can be used to naturally keep the mosquitos at bay, while also enhancing the greenery of your outdoor entertaining area, and in some cases your culinary delights too.

The plants work by releasing chemicals which the bugs detest. You can even go one step further and make your own natural mosquito-repelling essential oils and bug-spray from the plants!


Place a pot of basil on the sill to deter mosquitos, conveniently the basil is close by for cooking – win-win. Varieties such as lemon basil and cinnamon basil are the most successful in keeping mosquitos at bay.


It is said that catnip can be more effective than DEET. While having the plant nearby makes a difference, this plant works best when the leaves are crushed and rubbed onto the skin. There are also plenty of recipes for catnip bug-spray.


Scented geraniums release a lovely citronella aroma, keeping mosquitos and other insects at bay.


Like geraniums, marigolds release a scent which deters mosquitos. Tomatoes will also benefit if they’re close by because geraniums are also expert at repelling tomato-loving insects like tomato hornworms and whiteflies.


The leaf from mint releases mosquito-repelling aroma. Remember not to pick all the mint leaves when brewing fresh mint tea or tossing in summer salads.

Simple natural success to keep the mosquitos at bay.

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