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Styling for the home with patterns

You may have noticed, we love styling with patterns at Pollen. People are often hesitant to incorporate patterns into home styling because it can be tricky to achieve a sense of balance. We're here to share some easy tips on how to use pattern effectively, whatever the space!

Tip 1 – Colour Theme

An easy way to make a collection of patterns appear less cluttered is to have a consistent colour theme. This significantly simplifies the busy-ness in the room by avoiding colour clashes. This method unifies the space by having little pockets of similar colours dotted around the room.

Pollen uses navy blue to unite the patterns in its space. Blue books line the bookshelves, blue cushions adorn the armchairs and lounge, and a blue pattern is served up to you on your plates of food!

A simple base colour palette is recommended, you may opt for all neutrals, or greys with a pop of copper. Through the use of a consistent base colour, the patterns are highlighted and your eye is drawn to the differences in the patterns. The pattern itself is free to shine when the colour scheme is pared back.

Tip 2 - Balance Patterns

Patterns are often created through repetition. When selecting your patterns, ensure that not every pattern is busy. Mix things up by having a sparsely spotted pattern nearby an intricate floral, for example.

Blocks of colour also work well. If you’re going for a colour palette made up of warm tones, consider having a plain red cushion rather than another patterned red cushion. The busy vs. simple concept is important to break up the patterns, like giving a comma to a sentence or a rest between dinner and dessert.

Remember - white goes with everything and is a very useful tone to balance your patterns. It too acts as a breather and simplifies busy-ness. Using white is known as ‘negative space’ and it helps to give the eyes a rest!

Tip 3 - Texture

Consider including various textured objects in your space. In Pollen we have a navy and white striped rug which has a beautiful woven texture, and sitting on the shelf nearby are little blue patterned ceramics with a shiny and smooth surface.

By following these 3 simple tips, you are sure to transform any space, injecting it with personality and generating interest from guests.

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