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Everlasting Christmas Wreath

Pollen’s in-house florist, Lady Larissa shares with us how to make a wreath that can be displayed long after Santa has visited. Made from foliage that won’t shrivel or become limp, it is actually the intention for this wreath to dry out and become more beautiful with age.

Foliage such as pine cones, nuts, holly and olive work well for these everlasting wreaths. A wreath base can easily be sourced from a craft store, online or you can make your own with flexible branches such as eucalyptus or willow.

So get your scissors and wire at the ready! Lets begin.


  • sturdy scissors (to cut through thick stems)

  • wire – use a wire which is easily bent and twisted

  • base

  • array of foliage

  • rope approximately 1.5m long


1. Start by choosing some long pieces of foliage. Remove the lower leaves of greenery from long stems, and thread it along the wreath base.

2. Cut a length of wire long enough to twist around the base and secure the greenery in place (hot tip – hide the wire twist on the reverse of the base so that you can’t see it!). Keep building the wreath by adding smaller pieces of foliage and leaves.

3. Once you’re happy with how much greenery is on your wreath, it's time to start with the harder pieces like pinecones. It is easier to wire these before adding them to the wreath.

4. When you are finished building your wreath, attach the rope to the top. You can do this by folding the rope in half, looping the folded rope underneath the top of the wreath, and feeding the ends of the rope through the loop.

5. Its time to hang the wreath!

To store, layer tissue paper in a large box and carefully store the wreath so it does not get crushed.

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