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Christmas Decorating with Eucalypts – Part 1

As Pollen is situated in the Australian National Botanic Gardens, we love nothing more than using Australian native flora in everything from cooking to styling. Christmas Styling with Eucalypts is a Three Part Series that will unfold over a week, each part providing simple, creative and striking ideas to decorate your home with you guessed it… eucalypts!

Part 1 - DIY Eucalypt Baubles

Why not get the whole family involved and go foraging for nuts, flowers and leaves to create your own baubles to hang on the tree or over a Christmas table.

You will need

  • Clear plastic baubles which are fillable (available from craft stores)

  • A collection of small nuts, leaves and flowers - remember they need to fit through the top of the bauble

  • Hot glue gun

  • Ribbon


  1. Preheat the hot-glue gun

  2. Remove the caps of the baubles and put the baubles to one side

  3. Trim long stems from the foliage, so they are no more than 2cm long

  4. Add a glob of hot glue to the underside of a bauble cap, being careful not to burn yourself

  5. Poke the ends of the stems into the hot glue, and hold them in place until the hot glue has set

  6. Delicately feed the foliage through the top of the bauble and secure the cap in place

  7. Attach a ribbon to the bauble – it's now ready to hang

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