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How Pollen can help this Valentine's Day

It is easy to be overwhelmed in the lead up to Valentine's Day; decorations, dinners and gift shops are so enticing. Sometimes the most heart-felt gesture is found when you look beyond the conventional…

A Valentine's Day bunch by Lady Larissa

Look beyond red roses this Valentine's Day!

Lady Larissa talks us through her Valentine's Day bunch, which is far from the pristine perfection of a red rose. The Lady Larisa bunch is wild and full of emotion, with pastels and smoky tones inspired by the colours of crystals and foraged foliage.

Find out more by visiting Lady Larissa's online store.

The perfect dessert is a piece of cake

A lovely Valentine's Day dessert is at the ready, and it comes in the form of Pollen’s Raspberry and Coconut Cake. Light some candles at home and get your cake forks at the ready, because this fluffy butter cake has a subtle hint of coconut and sweet bursts of raspberry. Easily available to take away by the slice… or two if you’re not willing to share.

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