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Congratulations to Ricardo and Yeni!

Pollen has its very own love story and what better time to share it than Valentine's Day? If you love the heart-warming and feel-good sensations of hearing how a couple met or giggling at fond wedding memories then read on.

Ricardo is a busy-bee chef, working between Pollen and BOOKPLATE and Yeni is Pollen's bouncy and charismatic café manager. We were so excited for the couple, who got married last month, that we couldn’t wait for them to get back and tell us about their big day!

Where did you both meet? Was it through working at Pollen?

We actually met when we were teenagers. We grew up in the same neighbourhood.

How do you find working together?

Some couples do not have a good time working together but, in our case, we feel very lucky to be able to see each other during the day. We are very focused on our roles, however there is always a moment to share a joke and have a bit of fun.

Where did you have your wedding?

At Narooma, on the South Coast of New South Wales. It was absolutely adorable.

What were your favourite moments of the day?

There were so many favourite moments! It was very romantic when we first saw each other at the beginning of the ceremony. We felt so nervous and excited at the same time – just like when we were first dating.

The reception was the fun part of the day because we were with our friends and family in a more relaxed setting where we could all enjoy delicious food with a delightful view.

Congratulations Ricardo and Yeni

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